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Let the Jon Jones hate roll in now.

You hate him. You can grasp at straws by saying that front leg side kick should be illegal. You can say he’s too big for the weight class. You can even call him a nigger. But right now, you need to be shutting the fuck up.

You forgot, Vitor was injured. 

Also Lyoto Machida turned down his title shot because he “didn’t have enough time to train” so now Jones will fight Vitor Belfort at UFC 152 if all goes according to plan.

So, why isn’t people bashing Machida for ruining you haters legendary fight where Jones get pummeled?  If a little less than a month isn’t enough time for Machida to train why should eight days be enough? 


We were supposed to look at Tumblr Feminism, but that shit’s on hold. Why? Because some things happened today and people are mad. Mad over what? Dan Henderson got injured and was scrapped from his fight against Jon Jones — the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. And from there, everything went downhill. Jon Jones was offered a fight against Chael Sonnen who was stepping up. Jon Jones turned down the fight and as a result, UFC 151 was canceled. The fallout from that…well fans are mad. Fans are mad at Jon Jones and only Jon Jones. And that’s really not justified. Why? Well, I’m going to rant about why and tell you haters to sit the hell down and shut the hell up too.

Before this situation even happened, people had it in for Jon Jones. That’s right, I said it. You were all hating him for no apparent reason. He said some things that made him seem ‘cocky’ and that’s it. You all gathered around in a circle jerk over how much you hate him and then you let it snowball. Everything Jon Jones did or said, he could never do right. If Jon Jones went to see a cancer-stricken kid and paid for everything such as operations to extend that kids life, you would still find a way to vilify him. When the DUI incident came about, you people were on him like a bunch of dogs. Saying shit like: “I’D NEVER DO SUCH A THING, THIS IS A TRAVESTY!”

You have no reason to hate Jones and this is most probably what you’re going to use as an excuse. It’s like it’s been handed to you. And now you’re running around with the belief that Jon Jones should be made to be seen as the devil. You’re all crucifying him for this reason. Turning down a fight. Alright, let’s break it down. Into sections.

Jon Jones is not selfish.

There is a popular statement going around saying Jon Jones is selfish. No, no he isn’t. To be honest, he has every right to turn down fights that are given to him. And his reasons are legitimate too. If you people who hate him so much take off your glasses that are causing your impaired vision and stop drinking that Haterade, you’ll most probably realise this. Why does he have every right to turn down fights? Well, let’s apply it to this situation.

  1. He’s the champion. That’s actually a point. Actually, no that’s not the point. The point is: he’s supposed to fight top contenders. Chael Sonnen, is not a top contender. No matter what he says, no matter what he does, he will not be a top contender coming off a loss—scratch that—an ass-kicking from Anderson Silva. Chael needs to fight a few people. Everyone’s jumped up on the idea that because it’s Chael — he deserves it. No he doesn’t. Just because he can hype a fight doesn’t mean he can walk into a title shot. I can hype up myself, doesn’t mean I should walk straight into the best University in England because of it.
  2. Timing. I don’t care about people bringing up excuses such as: “OH, CHARLIE BRENNEMAN HAD ONE DAY TO PREPARE FOR A FIGHT!” and “OH, MICHAEL BISPING FOUGHT CHAEL ON EIGHT DAYS NOTICE!” because quite frankly, it’s a different situation. Bisping and Brenneman had nothing to lose. They had literally nothing on the line. Jon Jones. Jones has a lot on the line before he can take risks such as short-notice fights. He signed a new sponsorship deal with Nike is one of them. Wouldn’t look good if you took a short-notice fight and got beaten, would it? But the major one in this, timing. He’s got a lot on the line and in turn he has very little time to prepare. Of the five days of eight that he has, he will be using it to promote and make weight. Three days isn’t enough to prepare for someone. And to be honest, three days isn’t exactly enough time to prepare. You can throw fighter names at me. But look at Brian Ebersole. Working his way up the Welterweight division. He got knocked down several places when he took a fight on short notice. He didn’t look himself and so on. Not saying Jones’ situation is like that, but change of opponent so soon — risky.
The card got canceled as a result of his decision. However, what people are missing out is: Jones may have not realised this would have happened. CRAZY, RIGHT? Well, Greg Jackson has said Jones didn’t even know that would happen. So, while Dana White and the UFC Twitter are vilifying Jon Jones, think about that. And to be honest, after his reaction — I can’t exactly decide who’s right or wrong. We got calm Greg saying this and we got Dana who’s pissed the fuck off and making comments to make Jon Jones look like the biggest idiot on the planet (we’ll go onto that later).

Jon Jones is not a coward.

Here’s one that I’ve seen a lot. Jon Jones is not a coward. People are immediately jumping to call him a coward and everything under the sun because he turned down a fight with Chael Sonnen. Oh, how cowardly. Nobody called Lyoto Machida a coward for turning down a fight with Rashad Evans this time last year. Do you remember that? All I saw was disappointment. Nobody said shit like: “OH, WELL MACHIDA IS A FUCKING COWARD!” Or anything to the extreme. Let’s see. Anderson Silva turned down Chris Weidman. Nobody called him a coward. All of a sudden, everyone’s quick to call Jones a coward because he turned down people’s golden boy Chael Sonnen. It’s ridiculous.

How is it cowardly to turn down someone on eight days notice. Especially, a new opponent. At this stage — as I’ve said — Jon Jones has a lot on the line. If he wins, that’s great, but he takes a loss because people will say Chael has a lack of timing to prepare. If he loses, he loses the title. As a champion, he has to weigh these up. Unnecessary risks.

Chael Sonnen doesn’t deserve a title shot.

Yup. I said that too. You see, Jon Jones earlier this week said he wouldn’t let Chael  Sonnen talk himself into a title shot. And that’s exactly what Sonnen was doing. Sonnen buried himself there. He was jumping the gun a little bit too much. Chael Sonnen doesn’t deserve a title shot. Especially since he actually got beaten by Anderson Silva — convincingly, and is re-debuting in the Light Heavyweight division. That’s not right. In fact, that spits in the face of those who are way ahead of him in the rankings. Shogun Rua, Lyoto Machida and the list goes on. I would rank Glover Texiera ahead of Sonnen at this point. Sonnen was booked into a fight with Forrest Griffin for a reason — re-entry into the division. There’s only a handful of people who have gotten a title fight after coming off a loss. Most of them rematches and in one case it’s Dan Henderson, who had to defend the PRIDE Welterweight title after losing against Rampage Jackson and dropping the PRIDE Middleweight title.

And most of the reactions, I believe are based off Jones turning down Chael. Wouldn’t have this much reaction if it was Weidman or a bunch of other people.

If it was the other way, people would still blame Jon Jones.

Imagine if it was Jon Jones who had gotten injured. People would be lining up to call him a coward and everything under the sun. People would be there doubting the legitimacy of his injury and so on. If Dan Henderson had been the one uninjured, everyone would be on his dick saying he deserves better. If Chael Sonnen stepped up to face Dan Henderson, and Henderson turned it down (which he would because they’re teammates), nobody would be saying half the things about Jon Jones to Hendo. It’s sad, but true. Everyone would most probably express some disappointment and move on.

Either way, Jon Jones would somehow still foot the bill. Because once again, Jon Jones can do no right in the eyes of most.

And finally…

Need someone to blame? Blame the UFC.

If you haven’t seen it yet. Dana White is going round, trying to make it seem like the UFC isn’t at fault at all. He’s saying all these things, making speeches that make use of language that is convincing and convinces people to believe him and all of that. While doing this, the UFC is making sure that Jon Jones gets made to be hated. Have you seen their Twitter page? Retweets off pissed fighters.

And let’s be fair here. It’s not entirely Jon Jones’ fault that the card got canceled. As I said earlier, it’s been said, it didn’t know it would happen. Also, the poor match-making can be considered for it being canceled. I love every UFC card, I will watch every UFC card. Even if Jacob Volkmann headlined, I’d still watch. But this card needed a stronger co-main event that would have sold. We had Koscheck vs Ellenberger. That was good. But then Koscheck dropped out and then we got Hieron vs Ellenberger. Not PPV main event worthy. And there was nothing else on the card that could have stood out.

The UFC could have saved this card. That’s right. They could have saved it beforehand before they even made it. They could have put on the Flyweight title fight. They could have put on Bisping vs. Stann. They had options beforehand. They could have used them.

I like Dana White, think he’s great and everything. But you can’t not try and absolve yourself/UFC of the blame. It’s not all Jones’ fault. You can mostly blame the card structure for this one. And also blame yourself for jumping the gun too. They were already in the process of making commercials for Sonnen vs Jones.

But who else can we blame? Dan Henderson. Henderson should have come out with this a bit sooner. There was teasing and whatnot earlier in the week. It’s Thursday and there’s a lot less time to go until the PPV. You can’t stop injury, I know that. But Jesus Christ, he could have confirmed it straight away somehow instead of reportedly saying he was fine.

King Mo makes an excellent point in an interview with Steph Daniels:

Everybody wants to say that MMA is a legit sport and blah, blah, blah, but when have we ever seen a basketball player or a football player get hurt, not play in a game, and all the sudden, the commissioner is like, ‘You know what? Since Peyton Manning or LeBron James is injured, we’re going to cancel this game.’ When have ya’ll ever seen that? I saw Tim Duncan sit out 10-15 games because he wasn’t feeling well. They didn’t cancel any of the games because he wasn’t playing. The games went on. If this is a true sport, the show goes on.

I’m not relieving Jones of the blame. He could have taken the Sonnen fight. But it was his right to turn it down. You’re all most probably going to go tell me to fuck myself in your angry moods, but I’m kinda right. 

Am I the only one not excited for Jones-Henderson winner vs Machida?

In a not so perfect world Jon Jones made the mistake of Driving Under the Influence on May 19th. While doing so he decided to crash his brand new Bentley into a  telephone pole. Hopefully he can learn from his mistake and move on instead of being someone we were in awe of for awhile and then the money and fame just goes to his head.

Mike Tyson Does The Heyman Hustle!

Basically Mike Tyson gives his thoughts on Jon Jones arrest and DUI situation.

Before the fight it seemed to be that a majority of fans assumed Rashad Evans was going to either knock Jones out or out wrestle him and show everyone the hype isn’t real. That wasn’t even close to happening, a head kick, a couple of over hand rights that would have been enough to end a lot of nights early and Jones was still standing. In fact he wasn’t even in much trouble. After the fight it seems everyone is complaining about Jones reach and size advantage as if he now needs to move to HW but I disagree.

And before you think this is all about Jones not having a size or reach advantage that he uses well, no, not at all. It’s more so how fighters like Evans and Machida were able to get inside and yet were still beaten. I’m more so arguing that his size and reach isn’t what wins him fights. He’s a rare specimen of an athlete he’s one of those rare guys that come once a decade.

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