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Fight Night is an article style discussion where three (sometimes more) MMA fans share their thoughts/opinions with what’s going on in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. This is the first edition and it is solely UFC on FOX Shogun vs Vera. As we continue this series (which is most likely going to be posted every month or so) we will get into other topics, we really just wanted to break this in and see how it felt and went.  If you would be interested in discussing things with us or have ideas on how we could improve (without going podcast right now) let us know!

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Why would a 24 year old emulate someone that is a former friend? Someone that he once trained with? I had said before it was to probably piss Rashad off, but then I began realizing that in interviews it’s Rashad trying to play that game. Jones could care less honestly, he just wants to prove he can beat Rashad. In my opinion he can, and I have stated that but even more so now.

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Jon Jones UFC Career Highlights; believe your eyes.

Above is a cropped version of a photo before Jon Jones won the LHW Championship, the man had just dominated Ryan Bader who was undefeated at the time. Jon Jones didn’t know it at the time but he would absolutely dominate Shogun, there would be no doubts he won each round. I don’t think anyone expected that to happen that way, not even Jon Jones himself.

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