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Koch is injured, Edgar replaces him to get murdered by Aldo.

If you’re keeping count, that’s Dominick Cruz, Michael Bisping, Thiago Silva, Thiago Alves, Vitor Belfort, Jon Fitch, and now Jose Aldo plus I think I’m missing one or two. That’s within a months time as well.

Urijah Faber vs Renan Barao will now headline UFC 149.


Featherweight Kingpin, José Aldo
Artist: Jiang,ZunZhong



Featherweight Kingpin, José Aldo

Artist: Jiang,ZunZhong

Jose Aldo WEC - UFC Career Highlights | baddest featherweight on the planet

Randy Couture breaks down the best Pound for Pound fighters in the world.

Team Blackhouse

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