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Also Lyoto Machida turned down his title shot because he “didn’t have enough time to train” so now Jones will fight Vitor Belfort at UFC 152 if all goes according to plan.

So, why isn’t people bashing Machida for ruining you haters legendary fight where Jones get pummeled?  If a little less than a month isn’t enough time for Machida to train why should eight days be enough? 

This is good news for the UFC HoF in my opinion. It makes it more like an MMA HoF since Hendo hasn’t fought a lot in the UFC.

UFC 148 Anderson Silva Bruce Lees Chael Sonnen (Enter the Spider)

Pretty much a parody of the famous Bruce Lee film Enter the Dragon.

30 Day MMA Challenge: Day 21 Most Underrated Fighter

            Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy

By now he is just a faded memory of someone who had great potential, and looking at his recent fights you may not know he is a brawler. He shows up to fight, he is a smaller version of Chris Leben. Say what you will about the guy but he wont quit, he keeps coming. I think Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White both agree that the guy fights, he leaves it in the Octagon, he puts on a show, gives it his all. What more could you ask for really? You want to see a fight? Watch Dan Hardy in my opinion the guy wont quit until he is dropped, finished, or the 3 or 5 rounds are over.

UFC 148 Silva vs Sonnen 2 Press Conference from Brazil

Posted in case no one has seen it yet. The fight was originally scheduled for UFC 147 it’s now in Las Vegas at UFC 148. Plenty of trash talking from Chael Sonnen, hate or love the guy he’s pretty good at trash talking.

After losing to Nick Diaz at UFC 137, B.J. Penn said he was done fighting, the decision seemed to weigh mostly on the fact that he has family. However recently Dana White said he talked to him recently at UFC on FX in Sweden and Penn he was going to fight again.
Dana white thinks we will at least see B.J. Penn fight at least one more time inside the octagon. And to add to that recently a fan told Penn via Twitter they always enjoyed his heart when he fought. Penn responded saying that comment made him want to fight again.
Penn is only 33 and is a former Lightweight and Welterweight Champion of UFC, and remains one of only two men to capture two titles in a different weight class. The first being UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture.

Despite being an unlikely canidate for the title fans had been rallying for Mark Hunt (#RallyForMarkHunt) to face Junior Dos Santos for the HW title at UFC 146.
"They can keep rallying. It ain’t going to happen," Dana White said in the UFC on Fuel TV 2 post-fight press conference.
Read the rest of the story at MMA Fighting and no I’m not advertising them, it’s just the source of the news.

So who do you think should get a title shot?

Since Alistair Overeems failed drug test Mir has been campaigning to get a title shot saying he would love the opportunity to fight JDS.  However, Dana White said via Twitter that Mir vs Cain will happen but still no mention on who will fight JDS for the UFC Heavyweight title. And while fans are rallying for Mark Hunt to get the title shot, others are saying Hendo will get a chance at UFC gold once again.
When asked via Twitter if he would accept the fight with JDS if offered Hendo simply replied “For sure.”